lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012


Jean Marie Andrie (Nobel prize candidate) - News from 5th NESA Inrternational Surgical Conference 

Université Paris-Descartes, Paris, France
In acute viral infections (such as poliomyelitis, smallpox, measles, Hepatitis B and many others), the virus entering the body for the first time proliferates in its target cells; at the same time, it induces neutralizing antibodies that, although they develop too late to prevent the pathology, eventually eradicate the virus and neutralize any further attack by the same virus. Such viral infections are vaccinable with compositions that are generally made of inactivated virus (or chosen parts of it) and of an adjuvant amplifying the antibody production. Such vaccines generate antiviral antibodies that  neutralize and eradicate the virus before it attacks its target cells.

HIV infection is not a vaccinable infection since the antiviral antibodies raised during the primary infection result in a viral control which is only partial and transitory ; the result is a progressive destruction of the immune system that ends eventually in the various fatal manifestations of  HIV.  Faced to the challenge of that apparently non-vaccinable infection, vaccinologists have tried over the last 25 years to develop prototypes incorporating newly identified viral peptides/epitopes (or their DNA sequences) susceptible to play a role in the infectious process. 

So far, however, their efforts were unsuccessful. In the present talk, I will describe the alternative approach I developed over the last 5 years with my colleague Wei Lu. We based our  research on the observation that a very small percentage (<1%) of HIV-infected patients as well as some SIV-infected macaques  (identified as elite controllers or “EC”) have a strong but non-antibody-dependant control of virus replication (despite the virus still latently infects the nucleus of their target CD4+T-cells).
First, we showed that SIV replication of EC manaques was suppresed by a set of T regulatory cells with a CD8 phenotype. We then developed a new type of vaccine thatdoes not induce SIV-specific antibodies but SIV-specific regulatory CD8+T-cells. We showed that vaccinated monkeys were protected for >1 year from several SIV challenges. It remains to know whether such a suppressive T-cells vaccine is transferable in humans to prevent and treat HIV infection.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

New communication service to GENIPLET patients

Our treatments are highly indivdual and require constant direct contact between the International Department, e.g.  Dimitrina Lisichkova, your attending physician and you as a patient. We will need ready access to you. Often during the preparation and treatment rapid  and urgent decisions are required. We therefore collect all available telephone numbers, email addresses, Skype, WhatsApp, SMS etc.

Please ensure that you are always reachable.
The communication contains medical information and treatment instructions. This must be documented in your electronic file. This requires that we focus on Telephone / Skype and email. These are automatically stored in your file. Other means of communication are not well suited for it, and should be used only in exceptional cases.

Full telephone calls should be kept always by appointment not to disturb our work and talking with other patients. Announce this please always with Dimitrina.

If you are overseas, it is imperative that we reach you by mail. So you should create a way to have access to the email account known to us. This is uncompfortable when using the local SIM cards due to overpriced roaming charges. It is recommended that  You buy in each country a prepaid - SIM card with a flat rate for data traffic.

Once you are in Mallorca we can recommend a partner who hires You a small portable wireless  router. You can book in advance on our and his website. He will then deliver it to the clinic for you. It and can be used during your stay with an affordable flat rate with costs from 5.70 to 10 € per day at any time with Internet availability for all WLAN - establish appropriate devices. These are for example Smartphones (eg iPhone) or laptops and tablets (eg iPad). You can use VOIP like Skype etc. quite normal. So you can leave the expensive roaming function of your devices turned off and get reached for us as well as for your personal or business contacts at any time via email or Skype.

Before departure bring WIFIrental router back at us. Book before you travel or even if you already here on the island, by putting in. Use our promotional code, you will get 5% discount on the offer price. The payment to be settled directly with the company WIFIrental Travel (

We have agreed with the seller for a discount of 5% off for our patients at the normal price.