jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Adoption contra Surrogacy - if there is no other chance

Dr. Peter Hermann : - 

Surrogacy should be the last chance. If there is no other possibility or an unacceptable risk for child and mother, then of course. Not because of the costs or the legal complexity. It is because You, as intended mother, wave the advantage of that unique symbiosis between Your own mother, You Yourself and Your forthcoming child. You wave to carry the cells of Your child in Your body and vice versa. So, a GC( gestational carrier or surrogate) carried baby is very near to an adopted baby, even if the eggs are deriving from the IM. The gamete genetics is not that important. To carry-out is the key-factor. This factor is not measured in this study. It could not.

Not astonishing, that the outcome using own eggs is not very different. First, the indication might be some times too weak. Second, the factors, which lead to GC-engagement, do mostly not affect the embryo-quality. As shown, the uterine factors avoidance result in higher baby-take-home rate.
Surrogacy has to be seen as an extreme extension of technical and legal possibilities. Using a healthy, proven good gestational carrier with experiance, donated eggs from proven fertile Young woman and perfect semen from host or bank, then we have reached the absolute highest achievable goal in ART. Moreover, irrespective age. Theoretically You get adopted an completely designed baby at what age ever the Intended parents are. This is the challenge in consultation which such clients.
But, we promote this technique very strongly, because the legal concerns in some countries could be resolved. Doing it without that security of a happy end, it is still today literally russian roulette. Or Indian roulette.



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